How to apply

How To Apply


Please read all the pages in this section covering the rules so that you fully understand the process of selection.

Then provide your details through in the Application Form, which will be accessible from this page between 14th June and 14th July 2024. Please provide us with details of the races and championships you are competing in this season. We are not only interested in dedicated road racers, those who ride dirt bikes and/or motocross bikes may also be developing the riding skills that translate into success on tarmac.

If our panel of experts believes that you may have what it takes, then you will be invited to the Selection Event in October. At the Selection Event, you may have the chance to show your riding ability on the track at Sepang on 29th and 30th October, using a Honda CBR 250R. Candidates invited to take part in the pre-selection event must cover their own travel costs to Sepang. However, there are no additional fees for participating in the event. The Selection Event will take place only if allowed in case of restrictions due to the Pandemic and appropriate health protocols.


Age: Date of birth between January 1st, 2004, and March 1st, 2011. Do not apply if you are not in this age group. Passport will be checked once the rider is pre-selected. If the rider has given a fake birthdate, he/she will be disqualified.

Road Racing Experience: Not essential, but high-performance riding experience required.

Nationality: from a country within the Asia and Oceania region (for the full list of included nationalities please see the application form). Do not apply if you are not from one of the nationalities on the list. Passport will be checked once the rider is pre-selected. If the rider has given a fake nationality, he/she will be disqualified.

Race equipment: Each candidate will need to bring the following equipment: One-piece leather suit, Boots, Gloves, Helmet, a back protector is very highly recommended. All these items have to comply with the safety standard for general road racing and be in good condition.

Important! The participant is aware that, if selected, they must arrange all documents and Visas necessary to travel to Malaysia for the Selection Event.

Should the participant be underage, all documents related to the Asia Talent Cup shall compulsory be affirmed and endorsed by his/her parents or guardian with legal responsibility for the participant. If selected, underage Participants shall be accompanied at the Selection Event by his/her parents or guardian with legal responsibility, whoever has duly signed the documents related to Asia Talent Cup to cover Participant’s lack of legal capacity. Should the Selection Event not be allowed due to restrictions, the Selection Process will proceed only with the information provided in the Application Form.


Riders should be aware that, if so informed, they will be required to attend in the morning before of their Selection Day. The exact time and date will be communicated to the candidates approximately 1 month before the event by email.

To attend the Selection Event, the Participants and his/her parents or legal guardian that accompany them shall comply with the health protocols that will be duly informed with sufficient time in advance. The non-compliance with such health protocols, before or during the Selection Event, may disqualify the Participants and either deny the entrance or proceed with the expulsion of every person not complying.

After registration and verification of documents riders will be required to attend a short briefing session. They will then receive a time-slot for their test, which will last for approximately 15 minutes. It is intended that candidates will have a second time-slot but this cannot be guaranteed. Candidates may be invited to remain for the second test day. Otherwise, they are free to leave.

Final participants for the Asia Talent Cup 2025 will be decided a few days after the Selection Event. All riders will be informed subsequently.

Please click HERE for your information on the Waiver of Liability, which will be handed out at the Selection Event to each participant and must be duly signed in order for the rider to be permitted to take part in the Selection Event.

NOTE: Please do not apply if you don’t fit the age or nationality criteria.

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