Training days with Hiroshi Aoyama

3 Jun 2016

Hiroshi Aoyama has spent several days monitoring the preparation of several Asia Talent Cup & Asia Talent Team riders back in Japan

The Asia Talent Cup & Asia Talent Team riders were Ayumu Sasaki, Ryusei Yamanaka, Riku Sugawara and Shogo Kawasaki.

The preparations consisted of dirt tracking and riding motards. The main target was to better understand the sliding of the bike and improve the riders’ ability to use it to their advantage. It started with simple riding, learning how to slide, before moving onto a race simulation on the various bikes.

The following day focused more on the motard aspect, running the bikes on a tarmac course. In the World Championship, and especially in Moto2 and MotoGP, sliding is used a lot, the riders need to understand how to work the rear and balance grip as it is important even from a young age.

Aoyama said: “I would have liked more time to prepare the bikes and find some more days to run. But finding a time and a place for everyone is always tricky. Hopefully we get a little more time next time!”