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Date of Birth1993-09-08
Place of BirthPathum Thani, Bangkok, THAILAND
Start #2
Date of Birth1996-10-30
Place of BirthBachang, Melaka
Start #3
Date of Birth1996-05-22
Place of BirthAbiko, Chiba, JAPAN
Start #4
Date of Birth1999-10-25
Place of BirthAmpang, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Start #5
Date of Birth1999-06-04
Place of BirthFukuyama, Hiroshima
Start #6
Date of Birth1996-09-12
Place of BirthPasir Gudang, Johor Bahru, MALAYSIA
Start #7
Date of Birth2000-02-11
Place of BirthMelaka, Melaka, MALAYSIA
Start #8
Date of Birth2000-02-25
Place of BirthBatu Pahat, Johor, MALAYSIA
Start #9
Date of Birth1998-06-13
Place of BirthBatu Pahat, Johor
Start #10
Date of Birth1999-11-12
Place of BirthKajang, Selangor
Start #11
Date of Birth1997-04-17
Place of BirthSingapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE
Start #12
Date of Birth1996-01-17
Place of BirthKhon Kaen
Start #13
Date of Birth1998-10-19
Place of BirthQuezon City, Quezon, PHILIPPINES
Start #14
Date of Birth1998-05-31
Place of BirthKiryu, Gumma, JAPAN
Start #15
Date of Birth2000-04-07
Place of BirthFukuoka, Fukuoka, JAPAN
Start #16
Date of Birth1998-02-02
Place of BirthHadano, Kanagawa, JAPAN
Start #17
Date of Birth1998-12-15
Place of BirthChonburi, Patthaya
Start #18
Date of Birth1995-12-29
Place of BirthDa Fang, Gui Zhou
Start #19
Date of Birth2000-01-07
Place of BirthMoka, Tochigi, JAPAN
Start #20
Date of Birth1998-05-23
Place of BirthTakasaki, Gunma
Start #21
Date of Birth2000-10-04
Place of BirthYokosuka, Kanagawa
Start #22
Date of Birth1997-02-12
Place of BirthPinrang, Pare Pare, INDONESIA
Start #23